Intuitive Eating Foundations Group Coaching Program

You’ve tried every diet you could find, before falling off the wagon and spiraling into shame and guilt over not having “enough motivation” to finally lose the weight.


What if I told you that it wasn’t your fault? What if I told you that every single diet you tried had set you up to fail? And that every single time your diet failed, it was actually your body trying to keep you alive?


I spent years of my life preoccupied with food and my body. I never even considered that it may be problematic . I thought I was just "being healthy". But then, through my discovery of Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size, I came to understand that I don't have to spend my life controlling my food intake and trying to change my body. And, in fact, this life has a lot more joyful experiences to offer.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve tried and failed at more diets than you can remember

  • Your thoughts revolve entirely around food and calories

  • You exercise as a way to burn more calories to lose weight

  • You wish there was a way to escape the never ending cycle of weight loss and regain

  • You are desperate to find a way to change your relationship with food

  • You are ready to try something different and finally find a way to enjoy life right now, not when you’ve lost Xlbs

My name is Kirsten Ackerman. I'm a Non-Diet Registered Dietitian - This means I won't focus on weight or weight loss and I won't recommend any way of eating that relies on external food rules. These kinds of rules disconnect us from our bodies and contribute to guilt, shame, fear and, ultimately, erratic behavior around food. Through an Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size aligned approach, I will guide you to restoring trust in your body, attuning to your own internal cues, and explore practices of body image healing.


During our sessions we'll work together on key aspects around food and our bodies. 

Week 1

- We'll discuss hunger and fullness attunement & adequate nourishment

Week 2

- We'll learn how to make peace with food & address judgmental thoughts around food/body

Week 3 

- We'll look at satisfaction & body acceptance

Week 4

-We'll explore gentle nutrition & joyful movement 

Week 5

-We'll talk about the next steps and hold a Q&A

"Working with Kirsten has been a lifesaver! From our first call, it felt like she got me--which was critical as I was at the point of questioning everything I thought I knew about "health" and "healthy eating."  After over 40 years of terrible body image, and a decade plus of yo-yo dieting, I have found such liberation around food--I'm still in awe that walking the grocery store aisles is kinda fun! Kirsten was fundamental in my journey--I am so grateful for her support, expertise and guidance."

"When I first met Kirsten my body was totally rebelling after countless yo-yoing up and down on the scale. I was sick. After my last diet I had zero energy, digestive tract disorders, muscle aches to the point of taking pain relievers every day, and trouble sleeping and gained most of the weight back - I finally got the message from my body. This has to stop! Whilst working with Kirsten, she kept me from giving into fear about over-eating and letting go of restrictions. Kirsten encouraged me to allow my body full permission to eat any and all food. Finally, I began to sense my body's cues and allow them to naturally arise, INTUITIVELY! My body feels great, with lots of energy, and a digestive tract that is working normally. I am now sleeping better, and no longer needing pain relievers every day. The best result is learning to trust my body and freeing myself from diet culture dictatorial mind control."

Interested in Intuitive Eating Foundations Group Coaching?

Enrollment for next groups begins Fall 2021!